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[ [ phamicom ] ]

a free, portable Nintendo Entertainment
System and Family Computer emulator based
on FCE Ultra written in C utilizing SDL

7 July 2003
As some of you may know, the phamicom project was created to continue the work of FCE Ultra, an open source NES emulator. However, soon after the project started, many of the developers became swamped with real life commitments. This is somewhat unavoidable in volunteer-based projects.

However, something very strange happened that caused myself to think twice about working on phamicom--FCE Ultra started chugging along once again. This bothered me since phamicom was started to continue a dead project--not compete with a living one!

Regardless of this, FCE Ultra appears to be down for the count now. I'm not going to guarantee that I'll work on phamicom, but at least now there appears to be a bit of a need for a project like this. Also, someone else could come along and take over this project...
17 December 2002
The first CVS import of phamicom source code has just been made and development is ready to begin. This import is essentially an autoconfiscated (that is, using GNU Automake and Autoconf) version of FCE Ultra, featuring only the SDL CLI driver, with Deraj's patches applied (blocking throttling, Scale2x smooth scaling, SDL joystick setup fixes). See below for information on the project's current goals and information on becoming involved with phamicom.
16 December 2002
Welcome to the website for phamicom. phamicom is a portable NES/FamiCom emulator written in C utilizing SDL. It is based on FCE Ultra by Xodnizel, which is based on FCE by Bero.

Currently, phamicom is being spearheaded by Deraj, Dangalak, and Flea. The goals for the project include removing the old driver interface for a unified SDL codebase, adding an in-game GUI (allowing for every key to be remapped, among other things), and removing redundant arrays and such to improve performance.

phamicom is an Open-Source project released under the GNU General Public License. If you would like to participate in the development of phamicom, be sure to join the phamicom development mailing list, phamicom-devel@lists.sourceforge.net.

The current source code for phamicom may be checked out using anonymous CVS.